Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Blue Marble’s RTM tools are easy to integrate, work for companies of all sizes, and allow quick and easy staff time tracking and billing.

Turn-key Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Blue Marble Health's Platform is a solution that easily integrates into any health plan's clinical work flow.

Patient Performance data

While patients complete clinician designed, avatar-led home exercise programs, the platform displays their data into easy-to-read health dashboards for individuals as well as the whole population.

Proven Patient Treatment

The Blue Marble Health Platform is valid and effective, as demonstrated through multiple research studies.

Zero infrastructure costs for companies of all sizes!

The Blue Marble Health Platform scales from small clinics to large multi-campus health systems.

Comprehensive billing and time tracking integration

The system automatically tracks staff monitoring activities and pairs their time spent with the appropriate patients and RTM billing codes.

Comprehensive billing report

Keep track of patients / clients who are engaged, and those falling behind. Use billing reports to track which account has achieved the threshold for RTM billing.

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